Open Program
Reflecting on long-term projects during the museum's closure

2023.11.3(Fri) — 2024.3.17(Sun)

24 hours screening of Yuki Harada “One Million Seeings”

This exhibition features long-term projects that the museum conducted during its renovation closure, such as the museum’s temporal office “Tsurumi Annex 101,” projects using temporal walls surrounding the construction site, the manga project featuring the museum’s collection, and the SNS project documenting the renovation process. We will also organize various events and workshops relating to the exhibition and turn the exhibition place into the site to revisit our activities during the closure and explore the things that we wished but could not do during the closure period.

*This exhibition is held in place of Hyslom “Re-Construction Site/Satellite II (tentative).”

Exhibition view at Tsurumi Annex 101

Tsurumi Annex 101

The museum opened its temporary annex during the renovation closure at an apartment, Misawa Coop #2, in Tsurumi-cho, which is just a short distance from Mt. Hijiyama, where the museum is located. This office was named “Tsurumi Annex 101.” Despite its size and location, the annex played an important role during the closure. This exhibition section introduces workshops and video art exhibited at the annex.

Yuki Harada, Bontaro Dokuyama, Takahiro Iikawa, Koki Tanaka

Misawa Corp #2

| About the Misawa Coop #2 |
The Misawa Coop #2 residents run artist’s studios, galleries, bookshops, etc. (and other more ordinary residents are also unique). It also has a room for artists to stay and create their work in Hiroshima. They organize “open day” a couple of times a year to make the apartment more accessible and publish a newsletter on these occasions.
Open Day 2023 Winter
Date | 13:00–17:00, Sun, November 12, 2023
Address | 9-10 Tsurumi-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima Google Map

©️ Daisuke Nishijima

Art Quietly Talks to Mudai-san

At the closing event, right before the renovation closure, the artist, Daisuke Nishijima, released a character whose head resembles the museum’s symbol mark. This gender-less (?) character was named Mudai-san (untitled). Mudai-san worked as a leading PR character during the closure. Among various PR projects, he appeared in manga issued on the newsletter and the website. Mudai-san encounters the museum collection in the manga and learns about them through their mysterious communication. This section introduces the manga and the artwork featured in each issue.

Daisuke Nishijima, Henry Moore, Yoko Ono, On Kawara, Mona Hatoum, Miyako Ishiuchi, Tadashi Tonoshiki
*Works will be replaced during the exhibition

Indie game "Mudai-san Adventure" (2024)

Ages: Elementary school students and up
Number of players: One person
Play time: 15 minutes
Genre: RPG
Development Tool: GB Studio

"Mudai-san Adventure" (2024)
Click here to play on the big screen.

From #Genbi's Renovation Diary DAY 341

#Genbi's Renovation Diary

“#Genbi’s Renovation Diary” is an SNS-based project that documents the day-to-day progress of the renovation. The total number of images and videos captured during the closure period exceeds 15,000. The diary captures the renovation process, various types of works and materials, and lively workers engaging in the renovation. This section introduces the video piece using images originally released on SNS and other related materials.

Yuichi Yokoyama: "Do it." "What?" Hijiyama Park Photo: Masahiro Ochi

Temporal Construction Wall Project

Soon after the renovation started, the museum building was surrounded by temporal walls. But, since the museum is located in the park, there are people coming by the museum for their routine exercise, jogging, outdoor activities, or using the nearby facilities in the park. We wanted them to enjoy visiting the park and thus conducted projects using the temporal walls. This section shows large-scale manga banners by Yuichi Yokoyama and #Genbi’s Renovation Diary banners featuring Mudai-san.

Yuichi Yokoyama, Daisuke Nishijima

"Mudai"san ©︎ Daisuke Nishijima

Bontaro Dokuyama, War is Over, 2017 © Bontaro DOKUYAMA

Takehiro Iikawa, Decoratorcrab “IMPULSE AND THINGS AROUND”, 2016 ©︎Takehiro IIKAWA

Yuki Harada, One Million Seeings, 2019 © Yuki HARADA

Koki Tanaka, Discussing Unknown (His Future Work), 2012 © Koki TANAKA


Exhibition Period
2023.11.3(Fri) — 2024.3.17(Sun)
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※Admission until 30 minutes before closing

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