Rebirth Typography Project

Rebirth Typography Project collects and utilizes the font designs found in Hiroshima as well as in the museum’s archival materials. The project creates a new font design based on the research and the signs using new fonts will be used in the renovated museum.

Designer Profile

Yoshihide Okazawa

Okazawa is a font designer. He joined Jiyu-Kobo in 1994 and participated in the development of “Hiragino Family,” He established Yokokaku in 2009 and Oryzae LLC with Kunihiko Okano in 2019, and participated in the development of various font design projects, including “Hiragino UD Family.”

Tsuyoshi Okamoto+

Okamoto is a graphic designer. After working for Nakagaki Design Office, he became independent at 2002 and founded the Tsuyoshi Okamoto+ in 2005. Okamoto has designed various exhibition and book related graphics. With Yoshihide Okazawa, he designed the logo and the catalog of the 30 years anniversary exhibition of Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art.

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