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Special ExhibitionBinding Threads / Expanding Threads: The Art of Creating “Between-ness”

Many works made with materials like thread, cloth, and fiber transcend both the genre of crafts and art. This exhibition, featuring 16 artists, introduces numerous works that are a product of each person’s encounter with these materials. Just as a piece of fabric consists of interwoven warp and weft, this exhibition, made up of displays by eight groups of artists, promises to be a space in which one person’s intentions intersect with those of another.

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Video Art Program[The 59th Program] Erin Coates

Driving to the End of the Earth, 2016, color, sound, 11min.22sec.
Erin Coates uses the technique of digital synthesis to blend in footage shot by dashboard cameras, which she appropriates from TV news programs and YouTube videos, referencing the often unnatural quality of synthetic scenes in old movies while highlighting the gulf between the worlds inside and outside a moving vehicle.

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