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Special ExhibitionTerunobu Fujimori: Architecture with Nature, and “ROJO”

Born in Chino, Nagano Prefecture, where he remained until graduating from high school, Terunobu Fujimori (b. 1946) attended Tohoku University and completed a post-graduate course at the University of Tokyo. After establishing himself as one of Japan’s foremost scholars of modern architectural and urban history, in 1991, Fujimori designed the Jinchokan Moriya Historical Museum in Chino, marking his debut as an architect at the age of 44. Since then, he has continued to make buildings that actively incorporate natural materials and vegetation. In addition to models and photographs, this exhibition will introduce Fujimori’s ingenious architectural works through samples from roofs and walls, furniture, and a tearoom.

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Collection Exhibition2017-3 Collection Highlights & Special Feature: “Recollections”

This exhibition is made up of two parts: “Collection Highlights,” and a special display titled “Recollections.”
In “Collection Highlights,” consisting of a group of works that were specially selected from the museum collection, we introduce a diverse range of contemporary art expressions.
The special display “Recollections” is an attempt to consider things that are associated with the names of towns from the perspective of memory.

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Video Art Program[The 58th Program] Matt Rowe

Archipelago Ghillie, 2016, color, sound, 1min.32sec.

As the title suggests, an ominous atmosphere pervades Bad Omen from beginning to end. The dense masses of long, thin strips shrouding the figure that appears in it are a common motif in Rowe’s works.

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