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Open ProgramHiroshima MOCA Closing Event “Until We See You Again”

Hiroshima MOCA opened in 1989 as the first public museum focusing on contemporary art.
From December 28, 2020, after thirty-one years since its opening, the museum enters the first long-term closure for renovation.
Starting from December 1, we open the museum for free for our visitors to enjoy the museum’s architecture and our unique collection before approximately two-year closure.

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Oscar Oiwa, FLOWER GARDEN, 2004

Open ProgramCollection Highlights

For approximately one month prior to the two-year closure for renovation, we show selected works. The exhibition introduces a group of works that deal with the theme of peace as it relates to Hiroshima. As a museum located in Hiroshima, an atomic-bombed city, one of the pillars of our collection is …

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Open ProgramGENBI Recollections

The Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (also known as GENBI for short) will temporary close on December 28, 2020 in order to renovate the entire facility, which was built over 30 years ago. (The museum is scheduled to reopen in March 2023.) While carrying on the ideas and designs of the building’s architect Kurokawa Kisho, the renovation project is intended to restore the facility’s basic functions as a museum as well as redesigning some areas and creating new spaces. Ahead of the project, we present a special three-part exhibition and workshops called GENBI Recollections to etch the original form of the museum into viewers’ memories.

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Video Art ProgramRevival Screening [The 68th Program] Viktor Brim

Monoscape was shot at a port facility in northern Cologne, Germany. Images of a gantry crane loading and unloading containers recur many times, always as isolated segments of the overall structure.

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