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As you look back at the history of architecture, you discover a host of outstanding concepts that never reached completion and stimulating ideas that were deliberately limited to proposals. Focusing on unfinished architecture projects by about 40 Japanese and foreign architects and artists since the 20th century, this exhibition interprets blueprints, models, films, and other related documents in an effort to envision as yet unseen examples of new buildings. These include structures, which despite being technically feasible, were never executed due to social conditions and restrictions; and proposals that placed greater emphasis on making a critical statement against existing institutions than realizing an actual building. The exhibition promises to provide an opportunity to consider visionary architectre for the future.

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Open ProgramCarp Swim

This year marks 400 years since Asano Nagaakira (the first head of the Asano clan and lord of the Hiroshima Domain) assumed control of Hiroshima Castle. As part of a variety of events that are being held to commemorate this landmark in and outside the city, we present a small exhibit and workshop by Kanae Ohgi and Kaoru Hirano. The female artists’ inspiration was derived from the castle’s nickname, “Carp Castle.”

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Video Art Program[The 66th Program] Tabita Rezaire

By analyzing the political nature of technology, Tabita Rezaire uses video as an interface to provide the viewer with “decolonial healing.” In addition to raising questions about Western authority, Rezaire’s work attempts to liberate people from technology and create links between our bodies through spiritualism.

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