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Special ExhibitionIri and Toshi Maruki: Understanding The Hiroshima Panels 

With his wife, the Western-style painter Toshi Maruki (née Toshiko Akamatsu; 1912-2000), the Nihonga (Japanese-style) painter Iri Maruki (1912-2000) collaborated to depict some of the calamities that have befallen people such as war and environmental pollution. The Hiroshima Panels, an important early trilogy by the Marukis, traveled all over Japan in the early 1950s at a time when press restrictions were still in effect. An early attempt to convey the horrific conditions that existed in Hiroshima following the atomic bomb, the series came to be a symbol of anti-nuclear and anti-war sentiment. Along with The Hiroshima Panels and related materials, this exhibition presents works by each artist from before and after the war, and considers how the pictorial endeavors and ideas expressed in the trilogy fit into the Marukis’ oeuvre.

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Video Art Program[The 62nd Program] Ayako Yoshimura

In this work, Yoshimura combines photos taken in 12 cities, including Tokyo, Shanghai, and New York to create an imaginary urban landscape. All we see are architectural structures and natural scenery, and there are no cars or trains running through it, nor any human or animal life in evidence. Without the activity of living creatures, the silent city resembles a ruin.

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