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Special ExhibitionA Bright Home

The concept of “family” in Japan was shaped by a translation of the English word just as the country was moving into the modern era. This also added value to the “home.” After World War II, due in part to the introduction of home economics education, the ordinary home was recast as a place that was independently related to society. Today, the nature of family and home continue to grow increasingly diverse. While retracing their history and other conditions, this exhibition sets out to question and shed light on the state of family and the home in contemporary Japan.

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Collection Exhibition2019-2 Collection Highlights & Special Feature: An Inner LandscapeⅡ―Symbols and Abstractions

The exhibition consists of two parts, the first entitled “Collection Highlights,” and the second a Special Feature titled “An Inner LandscapeⅡ: Symbols and Abstractions.”

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Video Art Program[The 67th Program] Aurèle Ferrier

Aurele Ferrier’s work deals with urban infrastructure, which we have a tendency to ignore, despite the fact that it is so closely related to our daily lives. Initially, the camera moves forward at a fixed speed through a construction site, where a building is in the process of being erected, and captures the concrete, a symbol of urban infrastructure, in close-up.

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