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Open ProgramOpen Call for Art Project Ideas and Design Ideas of “Hiroshima Brand” 2020

Open Call for Art Project Ideas, which accepts submissions from the public for work plans, and Hiroshima Brand competition, which accepts submissions for design plans related to Hiroshima, are held simultaneously in a free public space. Winning-entries will be shown in the former Hiroshima branch of the Bank of Japan, a building that survived the atomic bombing of the city. For details, please visit the official competition website (only in Japanese).

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Outreach ProgramThe Hiroshima MOCA Collection at Various Venues B. Okawa Museum of Art (Gunma Prefecture)

This year, the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, we consider the power of painting by looking back at the work of artists who lived through the war in a two-part exhibition. The first part consists of approximately 50 works by the Hiroshima-born painter Ai-Mitsu (1907-1946) as well as pieces by other artists of the era. The second part examines an exhibition of The Hiroshima Panels, a collaborative work made by Maruki Iri (1901-1995) and his wife Toshi (1912-2000), which was held in 1952 at the Morimasa Department Store in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture.

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