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Special ExhibitionKeisuke Yamaguchi: Backing forward

In the late 1980s, the artist Keisuke Yamaguchi (b. 1962) suddenly rose to fame for his large print works depicting arks. He subsequently explored motifs such as flowers, seeds, hearts, and the human body in a variety of works, including paintings and three-dimensional pieces. Three days after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Yamaguchi began a diary titled After the Quake: Notes, which he has continued to write without missing a day. According to the artist, “People can’t see the future. We can only see the past and the present moment, so it’s as if we’re moving forward while facing backward.” In this exhibition, we trace the trajectory of Yamaguchi’s career and introduce some of his latest works, which make use of the motif of overlapping faces.

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Collection Exhibition2019-1 Collection Highlights & Special Feature: An Inner LandscapeⅠ―Landscapes and Memories

The exhibition consists of two sections: “Collection Highlights,” and a special feature titled “An Inner Landscape I: Landscapes and Memories.”

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Video Art Program[The 65th Program] Gianluca Abbate

Over the years, people have devised various means of capturing a panoramic view of the world including paintings and photographs. Although this work, a hodgepodge of computer graphics and a flood of Internet images, employs the latest digital technology, the video has an incongruous patchwork-like feel, somehow exuding the atmosphere of an old-fashioned panorama.

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