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Special ExhibitionNOBUYA ABE 1913-1971: Insatiable Quest beyond Borders

Nobuya Abe (1913-1971), an artist who was active before and after World War II, was acclaimed for Fairy’s Distance, a 1937 book of poems and pictures he made with Shuzo Takiguchi. He also demonstrated a prodigious talent for avant-garde photography. Passing through a bewildering number of stylistic changes after the war, from Surrealism to Art Informel to geometric abstraction, Abe was also instrumental in introducing Japan to new art trends from abroad. Abe developed a radical artistic practice based on an international perspective without limiting himself to a single sphere of activity. This exhibition examines the entire career of this versatile figure.

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Collection Exhibition2018-1 Collection Highlights & Special Feature: Women’s March

This exhibition is made up of two parts: “Collection Highlights” and a special display titled “Women’s March.”In “Collection Highlights,” comprising a group of works that have been specially selected from the museum’s holdings, we present a diverse range of contemporary art expressions. And in “Women’s March” we focus on works by women artists.

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Open ProgramYoko Ono, My Mommy is Beautiful

In 2011, an exhibition titled Yoko Ono: The Road of Hope 2011 was held to commemorate the fact that Yoko Ono was chosen to receive the 8th Hiroshima Prize.Ono’s work My Mommy is Beautiful, which was included in that exhibition, is a participatory piece in which visitors are invited to convey their feelings to their mother by writing directly on or attaching a piece of paper to a wall.
With Ono’s permission, we are pleased to once again present her work My Mommy is Beautiful. Please feel free to write a message to your mother on a piece of paper and attach it to the wall.

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