The Dark Side of Rapid Economic Growth in Asia: Problems in Contemporary Societies

The rapid economic growth that has occurred in Asia in recent years has brought about a variety of changes the like of which the world has never seen. Due to a surge in new construction, including redevelopment projects and high-rise buildings, and an influx of foreign capital that accompanied market activation, many Asian cities have undergone drastic changes. While extolling these magnificent cityscapes as tangible proof of the region's newfound prosperity, people have also become aware of a variety of problems lurking in the shadows, including the disappearance of attractive landscapes from bygone eras, the threat to national culture, the widening disparity between rich and poor, and the destruction of the natural environment. In addition, the shift in the balance of global power that has arisen from unprecedented economic growth has triggered a greater interest in ethnic and gender-related issues, and highlighted disparate views of history and territorial conflicts.

The Wonderful World According to Seven Artists From Asia

Where exactly is the world headed? In this exhibition, which aims to address this question and consider what lies ahead of us, we present the work of seven internationally-active artists who have each developed a distinctive view of the "world" that is infused with humor and wit. Their work, which not only reflects reality but also idealism, provides us with a key to a world that is filled with hope and wonder.

Chu Yun, Planet without Visa, 2008
Courtesy of the artist and Vitamin Creative Space

What is 'a wonderful world' for you?

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