Collection Exhibition 2024-Ⅰ
Highlights + Relations [Guest Artist: Tejima Yuki]

2024.4.27(Sat) — 8.12(Mon)

Tejima Yuki, AID#60, 2022, Collection of the artist Photo: Kensuke Hashimoto

"Highlights” showcases selected works that represent the museum’s collection. “Relations” is an attempt to go beyond the existing collection through exhibitions reflecting our collections, the collection policies, or the characteristics of Hiroshima. The exhibition will feature guest artist Tejima Yuki, a painter who has been painting the landscape of Hiroshima in a unique way.
*Works will be replaced during the exhibition


◯Environment and Human Being

◯Artists and Styles

◯Hiroshima/ HIROSHIMA

Artist *In order of appearance in the gallery

Okamoto Taro, Nara Yoshitomo, Aida Makoto, Murakami Takashi, Robert Smithson, Cai Guo-Qiang, David Nash, Yokoyama Nami, Morimura Yasumasa, Cindy Sherman, Yokomizo Shizuka, Yanagi Miwa, Kaneuji Teppei, Ujiyama Teppei, Isobe Yukihisa, Akasegawa Genpei, 1,000-Yen Note Incident Round-Table Conference, Kusama Yayoi, Inoue Bukichi, Yoshimura Masunobu (former term: –6/16), Sugimoto Hiroshi (latter term: 6/18–), Yamaji Sho, Haitani Masao, Tonoshiki Tadashi, Irino Tadayoshi, Miyazaki Shin, Wakabayashi Isamu, Usami Keiji, Ushijima Hitoshi, Nigel Hall, Boyle Family, Roger Ackling


Guest Artist: Tejima Yuki

From December 2022 to February 2023, AID#60 was presented at "Tejima Yuki: Hiroshima Sketch vol.3" (organized by Hiroshima MoCA) held at the Yebiden Gallery located along Peace Boulevard. In this work, fragments of the Hiroshima landscape were drawn using a smartphone drawing application, and by repeating and rearranging these fragments, a new landscape was composed, and the resulting digital image was redrawn in paint on canvas. The resulting digital image was then re-painted on canvas. This was also an attempt to create a new landscape in the glass-fronted exhibition space facing the boulevard and at a scale of 7 meters wide. This exhibition introduces both old and new works from the same series, including this work, to trace the flow of the artist's series of projects and to show the connection with the "Views of Hiroshima" paintings in the museum collection.

Collaborative public production by Tejima Yuki

The artist will create a 10-meter-long landscape painting of Peace Memorial Park in public. The process for this work will be the same as that used by the artist for his "AID Series". The digital image is divided into layers of color, and each layer is then painted over and reintegrated on the canvas. After the first session by the artist on April 28, participants will be invited to participate in the process of painting one layer at a time, which will be completed in June.

Public production date and time
Sunday, April 28 13:00-15:00 Seeing
Sunday, May 12 13:00-15:00 application to participate(deadline: 5/4)
Sunday, May 26 13:00-15:00 application to participate(deadline: 5/16)
Sunday, June 9  13:00-15:00 application to participate(deadline: 5/30)

*There is a charge for admission to the Collection Exhibition. If you want to see only the " Collaborative public production by Tejima Yuki," please enter from the B1F near the exit of Gallery A-4.

completed image

Okamoto Taro, 1st Stage Painting for Myth of Tomorrow, 1967
Entrusted by Taro Okamoto Memorial Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Art

Yokoyama Nami, On a Woman Who Want to Be Venus, 2016, Private collection, Entrusted to the museum

Ushijima Hitoshi, Nrp ver.5 A-dome, 2008

Tejima Yuki, AID#60, 2022
Collection of the artist
Photo: Kensuke Hashimoto

Tejima Yuki, AID#1, 2019
Private collection
Photo: Nozomi Tomoeda
Courtesy of Art Gallery Miyauchi


Exhibition Period
2024.4.27(Sat) — 8.12(Mon)
Opening Hours

*Admission until 30 minutes before closing

Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
Mondays (except April 29, May 6, July 15 and August 12), April 30, May 7 and July 16
Adults 350 (250) yen, University Students 250 (150) yen, Elementary School, Junior High School and High School Students 150 (100) yen
*Price in parentheses is that of a group of 30 or more
*Free for children under Junior High School age
[35th Anniversary Day] May 3: Free Admission
[Children's Day] May 5: Free for children through high school
[Hello! Collection Day] The Collection Exhibition is free on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

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Guest Artist Profile

Photo: Kensuke Hashimoto

Tejima Yuki

Born in Hokkaido in 1989. In 2014, Tejima received MFA from the Graduate School of Arts, Hiroshima City University. Tejima’s painting works depict the scenery of Hiroshima as the main subject, which is an attempt to explore how the artist relates to the history and life of the place, based on the fact that post-war Hiroshima-based painters continuously sketched the cityscape in the process of their artistic career. The artist’s major solo exhibitions include “Hiroshima Sketch vol.2” (EUREKA [Fukuoka], 2022) and “Hiroshima Sketch” (Gallery G [Hiroshima], 2020). Major group exhibitions include “VOCA Exhibition 2022” (The Ueno Royal Museum [Tokyo], 2022) and “Shell Art Award Exhibition 2020” (The National Art Center, Tokyo [Tokyo], 2020).

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