[ Outline ]

Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art was established on May 3, 1989. The first public art museum in Japan devoted exclusively to contemporary art, it is located in the Hijiyama Park which has a splendid view of Hiroshima and is famous for its cherry blossoms.

Designed by Kisho Kurokawa in a style reminiscent of, among other things, an colonnade, agora and a Japanese storehouse (Kura), it presents an image not restricted to a single country or era.

As the building rises from its foundations the natural fabric of stone gives way to man-made tiles and aluminium, reflecting the development of civilization from the past to the future along the stream of time.

Museum Activities

The following four basic concepts guide the activities of the museum:

(1) Collection and preservation from a wide spectrum of artistic expression

In accordance with the three collection policies, the museum will systematically acquire and preserve excellent works from each sphere of art. Not content to represent only the traditional fields, the museum will actively seek out works from newly recognized spheres such as design and architecture. The goal is a truly comprehensive collection of contemporary art.

(2) Diverse, wide-ranging displays

Highly varied exhibits of the museum’s holdings will attempt to put visitors in direct contact with the divergent developments in contemporary art, exhibit themes will be devised for the purpose of touching the hearts and minds of the viewers. The possibilities for artistic expression through video and performance arts and other media will be carefully studied.

(3) Active outreach

The museum will collect books, models, videotapes, and other materials about contemporary art. A museum newsletter and extensive use of lectures, seminars, and workshops will aid our efforts to approach artistic activities from every angle.

(4) Survey research, the guiding principle

Comprehensive surveys related to art in general, not limited to contemporary art, are already underway.