Video Art Program[The 70th Program] Rosa Nussbaum

Maiden Voyage (Boatlin), 2018 color, sound, 8min.2sec.

The artist floats in a pool sheathed in an elaborately constructed violin, while manipulating its strings to produce sounds. A “maiden voyage” is the first voyage of a new vessel and also the title of this work, a performance Rosa Nussbaum presented as her graduation project and the video documenting it.
To realize the project, Nussbaum cut out sheets of the waterproofed plywood used to build boats, connected them with wires, and sealed the joints with epoxy resin for structural strength to produce a violin-shaped boat called “Boatlin.” By inserting her body into the vessel as if putting on a costume, the artist becomes part of its framework. From the moment she embarks on the water, she simultaneously plays the four roles of boat, violin, violinist and artist, quite literally “setting sail” on her voyage as an artist. While in this work the artist presents her body as an object for viewing, she acts nonchalantly unladylike with blithe boldness and humor while wearing this handmade costume to play the role of another character.

Rosa Nussbaum:
Born in Freiburg, Germany in 1991. After finishing the foundation course at Oxford Brookes University (Art and Design Foundation), Nussbaum received her BFA from Wimbledon College of Arts (Print and Time-Based Media) in 2014, and MFA at the University of Texas (Studio Arts) in 2018. Her solo exhibitions include Good Brick Bad Brick at Second State Press (Philadelphia, USA, 2020) and Horizonland at Women And Their Work (Austin, USA, 2019) and group exhibition include Touching Down Lightly at Moonmist Gallery (Houston, USA, 2019) .