Video Art Program[The 67th Program] Aurèle Ferrier

Infrastructure, 2014 color,sound, 23min.00sec.

Aurele Ferrier’s work deals with urban infrastructure, which we have a tendency to ignore, despite the fact that it is so closely related to our daily lives. Initially, the camera moves forward at a fixed speed through a construction site, where a building is in the process of being erected, and captures the concrete, a symbol of urban infrastructure, in close-up. The scene then changes to a residential area lined with apartment buildings, an office, and a shopping center. There are no signs of life and every scene is pervaded by a strange quiet. As we grow used to the situation, our eyes gradually notice the elements that give structure to the space, such as the shape of the roads and the arrangement of the buildings. Finally, we are thrown into a seemingly endless row of concrete buildings. Making us aware of structures of infrastructure by suspending all the function, Ferrier’s work urges us to consider the form of urban structures.

Aurèle Ferrier:
Aurèle Ferrier was born in St.Gallen, Switzerland in 1975, lives in Zurich. He holds a BA in Theatre (2004) and an MA in Fine Arts (2014), at the Zurich University of the Arts. Solo exhibitions include Infrastructure, Centre de Création en Arts Médiatiques, Québec (2016). He takes part in various film festivals, such as Rencontres Internatonales, Contemporary Moving Images, Paris/Berlin (2019), Arquiteturas Film Festival, Lissabon (2019).