Video Art Program[The 64th Program] AUJIK

Spatial Bodies, 2016 color,sound, 4min.06sec.

This work depicts concrete organisms suddenly forcing their way into a familiar urban landscape filled with high-rise buildings. They must have originally been intended as spaces for human beings to live and carry out their daily activities, but now the organisms are gradually dividing and proliferating, and turning into twisted organic bodies that move around.
A group of architects, including Kurokawa Kisho, launched the Metabolist movement in 1959. Spatial Bodies was undoubtedly influenced by the group’s ideas. But it is evident that the work’s focus is not on new urban cities or future lifestyles. There are almost no people or signs of life here. AUJIK consigns the undifferentiated primordial life forms of animals and plants to the constantly metabolizing buildings.

AUJIK by Stefan Larsson:
AUJIK is the name of an art project launched in 2001 by the Swedish-born contemporary artist Stefan Larsson. In addition to making video works with computer graphics, Larsson, who is currently based in Shiga Prefecture, is involved in a diverse range of international activities, including photography, painting, and music. He graduated with a Master of Fine Arts at Umea Art Academy in Sweden. Solo exhibitions include STRP/Emoves, AR Graffiti Solo exhibition at Strijp-S (Eindhoven, Netherlands), AUJIK: IMPREMANENCE TRAJECTORY at Turku Art Museum (Turku, Finland) and group exhibitions include Biwako Biennale 2018 in Omihachiman.