Video Art Program[The 63rd Program] Marta Krześlak

Kompozycja Przestrzenna / Spatial Composition, 2017 video, color, 5min.27sec.

As the electric door of a garage opens and closes, various objects move around: a mattress hung from strings and wires, life preservers, a plastic shovel. Surrounded by concrete walls in the inorganic, homogeneous space of a garage interior, these three-dimensional readymade objects function like elements in an abstract painting. The artist, Marta Krześlak, says of this work, “I detach the objects I find inside from their usual function, which makes them stand out in the everyday reality remembered by the recipient. The piece is also an observation of how particular forms influence each other, creating abstract images at the same time.” Like symbols appearing in dreams, these objects seem to be stripped of their original meanings and invested with entirely new ones.

Marta Krześlak:
Marta Krześlak was born in Wyszkow in 1994, lives in Grabina, Poland. She graduated from Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Painting and Graphic Department. She is mostly inspired by existing space, often uses video, photography, creates installations and site-specific projects. Major solo exhibitions include Ruins of my dreams (2018) at Czynna Gallery (Lodz, Poland), and Summer was like a dream (2018), Lodz City Gallery (Lodz).