Video Art Program[The 48th Program] Richard T. Walker

let this be us, 2012, color, sound, 7 min. 44 sec.

In the middle of the desolate American wilderness, Richard T. Walker places a picture extracted from the surrounding landscape on a tripod. While singing and playing a guitar or keyboard, he confronts the present-day notion of “sublime nature.” But the nostalgic melody is abruptly interrupted, and juxtaposed with a series of different scenes, dissonant electric sounds begin to be heard. With this, the viewer, who had been experiencing a simulated version of nature, gradually starts to feel uneasy.

Recalling Land art pioneers such as Richard Long and Hamish Fulton, Walker, who grew up in the English countryside, walks through nature and confronts solitude as he peers deeply into himself. Though our awareness of nature changes with the times, nature itself remains unchanged, accepting, rejecting, pleasing, and disturbing us.

Richard T. Walker:
Born 1977 in Shrewsbury, U.K., Walker is currently based in San Francisco, California. He received an M.A. in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College in 2005, and has held solo exhibitions at SFMOMA (San Francisco) in 2012, Arizona State University Art Museum, (Tempe, Arizona) in 2014, and di Rosa (Napa, California) in 2015. He produces videos, performances, and installations that explore the relationship between people and nature.