Video Art Program[The 40th Program] Jake Fried

Nightfall, 2011, color, sound, 1 min. 53 sec.
The Deep End, 2013, color, sound, 1 min.
Raw Data, 2013, color, sound, 1 min.

Jake Fried works with ink and correction fluid, adding gouache and even coffee to the mix togenerate hallucinatory vistas, modifying and shooting the images over and over to create mind-bending graffiti-like animations that evolve at a frenzied pace. The subjects change shape and mutate, forming a chain of images and associations, and from whited-out areas, unpredictably shifting objects and spaces penetrate deeper into the background or come surging into the foreground. Fried’s films feature images that span historical periods and cultural spheres, some reminiscent of plants, animals, and ancient civilizations, others familiar parts of contemporary life such as trains, planes, and computers. Amid this profusion are human figures that metamorphose as well, as if inspired by the chaos surrounding them. The maelstrom of imagery assaults the viewer and startles his or her senses to life.

Jake Fried:
Jake Fried was born in 1984 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts. He studied painting at Maryland Institute College of Art, and later majored in art history at Boston University. Fried began his artistic career as a painter, but as he went through the process of layering and modifying images, he realized that what truly interested him was the way the images metamorphosed in the course of making a painting, and he changed tracks to become an animator. In recent years his short animated films have been widely shown internationally, primarily at film festivals and in art spaces, and can also be viewed on his website.