Video Art Program[The 30th Program] Zhou Tao

Times in New York, 2009, Single channel HD Video, sound, 16 min. 55 sec.
South Stone, 2010-2011, Single channel HD Video, sound, 24 min. 51 sec.

Time in New York is a documentary video recording of Zhou Tao going on with his life in a New York apartment, while putting on a modest performance wherein the artist attaches balls of thread to his waist, tacking the string onto the walls so as to leave visual traces of his movement. His bodily movement becomes a material in itself through this visualization, and with the passing of time, these visual traces gradually emerge as a detailed drawing of sorts.
South Stone is set in an underdeveloped region of the same name, located in the city of Guangzhou in China. The artist and his friends appear with serious expressions against documentary-style footage of the region’s landscape, delivering a string of unrelated performances with a somber attitude, as though in response to the quiet passage of time in South Stone. These works are a humorous expression of what performance is for Zhou: a means for building relationships between unfamiliar places and himself.

Zhou Tao:
Born 1976 in Changsha, China, lives and works in Guangzhou, China. BFA in oil painting and MFA in mixed media at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Zhou creates theater-like films that are neither realistic nor unrealistic by capturing daily life using documentary-like methods and using it as a stage for his performances. Solo exhibitions at Times Museum in Guangzhou (2012) and Queens Nails Projects in San Francisco (2011), among others. Also participated in various group exhibitions, such as the 6th Curitiba Biennial (2011) and Yes, But… at Location One in New York (2010), attracting attention as a leading young Chinese artist.