Collection Exhibition2020-1 Collection Highlights & Special Feature1: The Earth /Special Feature2: The Art of Fate

This exhibition is composed of three parts: “Collection Highlights,” and two special features, “The Art of the Fate” and “The Earth.”

In “Collection Highlights,” the focus is on three-dimensional works. Although they might all be three-dimensional, there is a diverse range of works, including stone, wood, and bronze sculptures as well as almost entirely unprocessed materials such as wood and stone that are presented in their natural state. There are also large-scale works that are big enough to allow viewers to go inside them, and an installation that incorporates the surrounding space into the work. In addition to using many different materials, these pieces are distinctively contemporary works, which were boldly developed without any size limitations.
One of the two special features deals with the theme of the earth, which underlies the activities of all natural life forms. The exhibit comprises myriad expressions of the earth, such as Nihonga (Japanese-style paintings) by members of the Pan-Real Art Group, whose daring works were designed to break with convention, and Shin Miyazaki’s dynamic paintings, which were fashioned out of burlap. The second special feature, opening ahead of Ryuzaburo Shikiba: Mirrors of Cerebral Ventricles, an exhibition that starts on March, introduces works that are based on the psychiatrist Ryuzaburo Shikiba’s 1943 book Shukumei no geijutsu (The Art of Fate). While accepting fate (i.e., circumstances that could neither be avoided nor altered with one’s own power) and confronting themselves, the artists in this section were impulsively driven to immerse themselves in their practice.


●Collection Highlights

Lee U-Fan Yoshihiro Suda Montien Boonma
Toshikatsu Endo Tatsuo Kawaguchi Hitoshi Ushijima

●Special Feature1: The Earth

Ryonosuke Shimomura Ryoji Koie Ha Chong-hyun
Shin Miyazaki Shu Takahashi Kei Sato
Yuji Kojima Tadayoshi Nakabayashi Yozo Hamaguchi
Tatsuo Ikeda Boyle Family Mark Boyle
Roy Lichtenstein Masayuki Kai Yoshio Murakami
Toshiyuki Tanaka Makoto Mikami Kenzo Tabe

●Special Feature2: The Art of Fate

Yayoi Kusama Shiko Munakata Katsuro Yoshida
Tadashi Tonoshiki

Yoshihiro Suda, Tulip, 2006

Shin Miyazaki, Hiroshima, LAND, 2006

Tadashi Tonoshiki, Crab, 1978