Collection Exhibition2015-3 Form and Feeling—What Creates a Sense of Familiarity?

Based on the forms of works and the feelings of viewers, in this exhibition we consider how art is received, and in particular what aspect of a work creates a sense of familiarity.

Everyone has probably had the experience of intuitively responding to a work (as cute, enjoyable, interesting, or containing a clear message) without having any real knowledge of it. In this exhibition, we examine a number of works from the museum collection based on the easy familiarity they create by focusing on two aspects: form (round, rhythmical, and small) and feeling (nostalgic and funny).

We also anticipate that this exhibition will inspire you to think more about yourself in regard to the works. As you engage in a kind of dialogue with each of the works, we hope that you will consider the forms and the feelings that arise when you look at them.


ABE Taisuke AKIYAMA Yutokutaishi Alexander Calder
Barry Flanagan HASEGAWA Kiyoshi Henry Moore
IIDA Yoshikuni KANEUJI Teppei Kurt Schwitters
KUSAMA Yayoi MOTONAGA Sadamasa NARA Yoshitomo
OKAMOTO Taro TSURUOKA Masao and more..