• Special Exhibition1945±5: War and Reconstruction – How Artists Faced the Turbulent PeriodJuly 30- October 10, 2016
  • Collection Exhibition2016-3 Collection Highlights & the Special Display: “Listening”October 8, 2016-January 22, 2017



  • 1945±5: War and Reconstruction – How Artists Faced the Turbulent Period

    In the 1940s, Japan plunged headlong into the Pacific War and continued fighting until it was defeated in 1945. Over the next five years while occupied by Allied Forces, the country experienced a variety of ups and downs as it moved forward with a variety of reforms and restoration projects. Based on approximately 200 works (primarily Western-style paintings, but also Japanese-style paintings, sculptures, documents, etc.) by some 70 artists, this exhibition attempts to ascertain what kind of art was made during the period and how it was linked to society. Viewers will be presented with a complete picture of Japanese art from the 1940s, a period marked by a wide range of intersecting perspectives and positions.

  • 2016-3 Collection Highlights & the Special Display: “Listening”

    This exhibition is made up of two parts: “Collection Highlights,” and a special display titled “Listening.”
    “Collection Highlights,” consisting of a group of works that were specially selected from the museum collection, introduces a diverse range of contemporary art expressions. From these works, we realize that although the motif might be the same, the approach and production method can vary greatly. In this edition, we focus on people and the human body.
    In the special display, “Listening,” we encourage viewers to prick up their ears and listen carefully to the works.