• Collection exhibition2019-2 Collection Highlights & Special Feature: An Inner LandscapeⅡOct. 19, 2019 - Feb. 2, 2020
  • Special exhibition【Upcoming】A Bright HomeDecember 21,2019 - March 1, 2020



  • 2019-2 Collection Highlights & Special Feature: An Inner LandscapeⅡ―Symbols and Abstractions

    The exhibition consists of two parts, the first entitled “Collection Highlights,” and the second a Special Feature titled “An Inner LandscapeⅡ: Symbols and Abstractions.”
    “Collection Highlights” introduces important works that are representative of the collection, or exemplify its characteristics, from among the approximately 1,600 works the museum has acquired thus far. This edition will feature artists’ endeavors to re-examine traditional concepts of art. Meanwhile, the Special Feature “An Inner Landscape Ⅱ: Symbols and Abstractions” turns attention to the abstract in contemporary art, and shows how artists have depicted the world in “imagined landscapes,” with a focus on postwar Japanese art.