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POPUP exhibition by woodworker Shimomura Yusuke , whose products are currently available at the museum shop "339".
The exhibition will feature the artist's past works and introduce the Miyajima-rokuro as a tradition and technique, as well as how the artist creates his works using the Miyajima-rokuro. In the former term, the works will be displayed as interior decorations that match modern life, while in the latter term, trays and bowls, which have been made since ancient times, will be exhibited along with their traditional aspects.

[former term] April 28–June 15
"Miyajima Rokuro that adds color to daily life"
[latter term] June 16–July 31
"Miyajima Rokuro for Enjoying Food"
*Excluding days when the museum is closed

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Experience Miyajima Rokuro at Gembi

During the exhibition period, the artist himself will lead a workshop where you can actually create your own work of art using the Miyajima wheel. You can choose between a vase for a single flower or a coaster, and take home your finished work.

Dates: 5/25㊏, 6/8㊏, 6/15㊏, 7/6㊏, 7/20㊏, and 7/27㊏.
Venue: mocamoca
Time: ①10:30-12:00, ②12:30-14:00, ③14:30-16:00
Capacity: 1 couple (up to 2 people) per slot
Fee: 4,000 yen per person
Age: 12 years old and up
Reservation: First-come-first-served basis via the reservation form
For inquiries regarding application, please contact (

Planning by
Museum Shop "339"
Shimomura Yusuke
"339" Counter

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