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Winner of the 11th Hiroshima Art Prize

Winner of the 11th Hiroshima Art Prize Decided Mr. Alfredo Jaar

The City of Hiroshima has selected the winner of the 11th Hiroshima Art Prize, Mr. Alfredo Jaar (Born 1956 in Chile.)

About the Hiroshima Art Prize

Established by the City of Hiroshima in 1989, the Hiroshima Art Prize recognizes the achievements of artists who have contributed to the peace of humanity in the field of contemporary art, and through contemporary art aims to appeal to a wider world and the spread of the “Spirit of Hiroshima,” which seeks everlasting world peace. This prize is awarded once every three years.

Profile of Alfredo Jaar

Mr. Alfredo Jaar confronts in a journalistic manner historical events, tragedies and social inequalities that have occurred worldwide based on thorough research and interviews. He conveys to audiences social, political and humanitarian issues through the presentation of his work in public spaces, photography, film and beautiful installations that appeal to all five senses coupled with the use of constructed spaces.
During his almost forty year-long career, he has participated in a number of international exhibitions including the Biennales of Venice and São Paulo, and Documenta, as well as having exhibited solo in museums across the world, which has earned him international acclaim. In 2012, a retrospective of his work was held across three museums in Berlin, followed by another major retrospective in 2014 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Finland.

Reason for Selection

In 1995, Mr. Jaar participated in the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing memorial exhibition ‘After Hiroshima’ held at the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art. He delved deeply into Hiroshima through the original works he created for the exhibition. Moreover, in recent years he has taken a keen interest in the Great East Japan Earthquake and the subsequent nuclear incident in Fukushima. Mr. Jaar was chosen as the 2018 winner due to our expectation that the commemorative exhibition will have a profound message and will showcase new works that conceptualize Hiroshima as a contemporary issue.

The Hiroshima Art Prize Award Ceremony and Commemorative Exhibition

Preparation for the 11th Hiroshima Art Prize Commemorative Exhibition
11th Hiroshima Art Prize Award Ceremony and Commemorative Exhibition
(Venue: Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art)

Message from the artist

I am extremely honored to accept the 11th Hiroshima Art Prize.
I feel enormously privileged but also deeply humbled by this responsibility.
In these dark times, the “spirit of Hiroshima” is more necessary than ever.
As Sadako Kurihara suggested in her magnificent poem Umashimenkana, I must try, and I will try to “bring forth new life.”

Alfredo Jaar

Alfredo Jaar
Photo: Jee Eun Esther Jang

A Logo For America, 1987-2014

Teach Us To Outgrow Our Madness, 1995

The Sound of Silence, 2006

Umashimenkana (We Shall Bring Forth New Life), 2013

The deatails about the Hiroshima Art Prize


This project aims to honor the achievements of artists and extol the possibilities of contemporary art and expression by awarding the Hiroshima Art Prize to the candidate who best expresses the “Spirit of Hiroshima.” A subsequent solo exhibition of the winner’s work will be held at the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, which will increase awareness of both the artist’s work and the mission of the Hiroshima Art Prize and its significance.

Selection criteria

1. An individual or a group actively engaged in art worldwide (two-dimensional, three-dimensional, design, fashion, etc.)
2. An individual or a group engaged in creative activities related to the “Spirit of Hiroshima” or peace, and whose achievements are considered to correspond to the purpose of the Hiroshima Art Prize.
3. An individual or a group whose achievements are considered to be appropriate for exhibition.
4. There are no restrictions on nationality or age.

Selection procedures

The artists recommended by the Hiroshima Art Prize Candidates Recommending Committee, consisting of museum directors and art critics from various countries, are presented to the Hiroshima Art Prize Candidates Selecting Committee, made up of Japanese museum directors and art critics, and the prospective winners are selected. Based on the result of the selection, the Hiroshima Art Prize Recipient Selecting Council makes the selection of the prize winner.

Past recipients

* The 1st: Issey Miyake (fashion/ Awarded in 1989)
* The 2nd: Robert Rauschenberg (fine art/ Awarded in 1992)
* The 3rd: Nancy Spero & Leon Golub (fine art/ Awarded in 1995)
* The 4th: Krzysztof Wodiczko (fine art/ Awarded in 1998)
* The 5th: Daniel Libeskind (architecture/ Awarded in 2001)
* The 6th: Shirin Neshat (fine art/ Awarded in 2004)
* The 7th: Cai Guo-Qiang (fine art/ Awarded in 2007)
* The 8th: Yoko Ono (fine art/ Awarded in 2010)
* The 9th: Doris Salcedo (fine art/ Awarded in 2013)
* The 10th: Mona Hatoum (fine art/ Awarded in 2015)

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