Video Art Program[The 41st Program] Anggun Priambodo

Sinema Elektronik, 2009, color, sound, 4 min. 1 sec.

Anggun Priambodo’s videowork might be a perfect representation of the top entertainment and popular phenomenon that hit the urban society in Indonesia. Sinema Elektronik, abbreviated as sinetron is a form of soap opera that began to be popular in Indonesia at the end of 80’s and increasing in number by the end of the 90 ‘s. In “Sinema Elektronik“, Anggun duplicate the concept of video clip which is usually played before sinetron aired. He carefully put the various elements that are able to give an idea of the social condition of the urban society. We can find the same pattern: selling the dream of consumerism of the middle class to become a rich man. With all the characters portrayed and make himself a laughingstock for the audience, he actually was making fun of the quality of Indonesia spectacle society. By using the graceful style of comedy, making people more receptive to this video as a form of mere entertainment while at the same time convey a cultural critique of ‘ watching ‘.

Guest curator: Leonhard Bartlomeus (ruangrupa/ Jakarta)

Anggun Priambodo:
Anggun Priambodo was born in 1977 in Jawa Timur, Indonesia. He graduated from Jakarta Institute of Art, majoring in Interior Design. He is a Jakarta-based director, actor and visual artist. His works – mostly videos which observe and critique urban society and culture in a humorous way – have been presented in many exhibitions, including No Soul for Sale at Tate Modern (2010); and Singapore Biennial (2013).In 2011, His video work Sinema Elektronik clinched the ‘Best Artwork Award’ at the Bandung Contemporary Art Award (BaCAA).