Collection Exhibition2016-3 Collection Highlights & Special Feature: Listening

This exhibition is made up of two parts: “Collection Highlights,” and a special display titled “Listening.”

“Collection Highlights,” consisting of a group of works that were specially selected from the museum collection, introduces a diverse range of contemporary art expressions. From these works, we realize that although the motif might be the same, the approach and production method can vary greatly. In this edition, we focus on people and the human body.
In the special display, “Listening,” we encourage viewers to prick up their ears and listen carefully to the works. The act of considering the conditions of a work and trying to interpret the artist’s emotions and message might be seen as a form of viewing that resembles listening. Listening is not limited to perceiving sound auditorily, but might also include approaching a given object and expanding our imagination as we hone our senses. None of the works in the gallery emit sound. But silence is not a state of nothingness; it has the potential to be a rich space filled with various aspects depending on our thoughts and sensibilities.
Enjoying the personality and characteristics of each artist or work, and appreciating the works according to a given theme enable us to savor and discover many things. We hope this will provide you with an opportunity approach the works freely and appreciate the charms of the collection.


●Collection Highlights

Julian Schnabel Alex Katz Andy Warhol
Yoshitomo Nara Yayoi Kusama Miwa Yanagi
Katsura Funakoshi Cindy Sherman Chuck Close
Yasumasa Morimura Alberto Giacometti Magdalena Abakanowicz
Jean Arp Francis Bacon Paul Wunderlich
Masuo Ikeda Henry Moore Yves Klein
Issey Miyake Tomio Miki

●Special Display: Listening

Rieko Hidaka Kenjiro Okazaki Yozo Hamaguchi
Mokuma Kikuhata Lee U-Fan Yoshihiro Suda
Yoshikuni Iida Yukio Hideshima Nobuya Abe
Günther Uecker David Nash Kim Chang-Young
Shin Miyazaki BOYLEFAMILY Tsuyoshi Ozawa
Yuumi Domoto Shigeo Fukuda ARMAN
Joseph Beuys Jiro Takamatsu and more…

Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Jizoing : Forer Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Studium [Hiroshima], 2009

Yoshihiro Suda,Tulip,2006

Shigeo Fukuda,Underground Piano,1984