Special Exhibition
A Reflection on the Sublime
A group exhibition conceived by Kazuna Taguchi with structured by Soshiro Matsubara

2024.3.30(Sat) — 6.9(Sun)

A Reflection on the Sublime is a group show conceived by the artist Kazuna Taguchi and structured by the artist Soshiro Matsubara. It is itself an abstract study conducted within the framework of an exhibition.

Among the participating artists is Joanne Kyger, a poet who developed her own unique style while engaging with a wide circle of people and various groups in contemporary American poetry. As with others associated with the Beats, Kyger’s works were influenced by mediation and Buddhism, in particular Zen. Along with a poem titled “Descartes and the Splendor of. A Real Drama of Everyday Life. In Six Parts.”, which deals with the French philosopher René Descartes’ Discourse on the Method, Kyger made a video work called Descartes in 1968. The only video and the story that Kyger ever made, the work provided the inspiration and framework for this exhibition.

The structure of the exhibition primarily sets out to achieve two things. First, it attempts to reexamine the framework of the group show while at the same time exploring the possibilities of the format. Second, it strives to create a quiet dynamism amid the distinctive qualities of the space through the unique behavior of the works, which transcend the barriers of categories like “modern art” and “contemporary art.” The exhibition itself was conceived as an implicit manifesto.

List of works



Jean Arp, Arman, Joanne Kyger, E’wao Kagoshima, Anthony Caro, Ryusei Kishida, Klemet, Kurt Schwitters, Kunitaro Suda, Kazuna Taguchi, Atsuko Tanaka, Trisha Donnelly, Seiichi Furuya, Patricia L.Boyd, Tomio Miki, Henry Moore, Le Corbusier, Nancy Lupo, Alan Longino, Emilia Wang

Joanne Kyger,DESCARTES(detail) 1968
©Estate of Joanne Kyger Courtesy of University of California, > Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Kunitaro Suda, Peony, 1941, Uehara Museum of Art

Ryusei Kishida, Two Reikos (Little Girls Fixing Their Hair), 1922, Sen-Oku Hakukokan Museum Tokyo

Nancy Lupo, Dying Play, 2022
Exhibition view, Kristina Kite, Los Angeles Photo: Paul Salveson Copyright and courtesy of the artist and Kristina Kite, Los Angeles [reference image]


Exhibition Period
2024.3.30(Sat) — 6.9(Sun)
Opening Hours

※Admission until 30 minutes before closing

Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Gallery B-2, B-3
Mondays (except April 29 and May 6), April 30 and May 7
Adults 1,100 (850) yen, University students 800 (600) yen, High school students and seniors (65 and over) 550 (400) yen
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