Special ExhibitionThe 11th Hiroshima Art Prize Alfredo Jaar

The Hiroshima Art Prize was created to convey the “Spirit of Hiroshima” to the world by means of contemporary art. Alfredo Jaar (b. 1956), the 11th recipient of the award adopts a journalistic approach in which he thorough examines and researches historical events and tragedies, and social inequalities all around the world. By presenting his work in public places, and making installations, consisting of photographs, videos, and architectural spaces, which appeal to all five senses, Jaar strives to convey information about various social, political, and humanitarian problems. This exhibition, the artist’s first full-fledged solo show ever held in Japan, includes important works from the past as well as new pieces made especially for Hiroshima.

Alfredo Jaar, Music (Everything I know I learned the day my son was born), 2013