Yuichi Yokoyama: "Do it.” “What?” Shipping Truck

2021.8.14(Sat) — 2022.3.31(Thu)

Photo: Masahiro Ochi

A project with a mysterious title, "Do it." "What?"
Following the completion of the Hijiyama-koen park display, the works of Yuichi Yokoyama spread to the city center and on the body of a local shipping company's truck. The new piece for the large-size truck is on the theme of "food delivery." Can you find all the manga trucks during the project period?

Artist’s Profile

Yuichi Yokoyama

Yokoyama was born in Miyazaki prefecture and graduated from the Musashino Art University. While born in Miyazaki, Yokoyama lived in various parts of Japan due to his father’s occupation. Since 2000, Yokoyama has expanded his field to manga, a better suite medium to express time than oil painting. His original work was later called “neo-manga” and attracted attention in various genres. Yokokyama’s work has been highly acclaimed domestically and internationally, and his manga works have been published in Europe and the United States. According to Yokoyama, he loves to work on manga while listening to recorded conversations between him and his friends.



Exhibition Period
2021.8.14(Sat) — 2022.3.31(Thu)
Hiroshima City and other areas
Open every day during the exhibition period
Organized by
Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
Special Support by
888 Books
In cooperation with
Chugoku Rikuun Co.,ltd.

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