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  • Binding Threads / Expanding Threads: The Art of Creating “Between-ness”

    Many works made with materials like thread, cloth, and fiber transcend both the genre of crafts and art. This exhibition, featuring 16 artists, introduces numerous works that are a product of each person’s encounter with these materials. Just as a piece of fabric consists of interwoven warp and weft, this exhibition, made up of displays by eight groups of artists, promises to be a space in which one person’s intentions intersect with those of another.

  • 2017-3 Collection Highlights & Special Feature: “Recollections”

    This exhibition is made up of two parts: “Collection Highlights,” and a special display titled “Recollections.”
    In “Collection Highlights,” consisting of a group of works that were specially selected from the museum collection, we introduce a diverse range of contemporary art expressions.
    The special display “Recollections” is an attempt to consider things that are associated with the names of towns from the perspective of memory.