Special ExhibitionRyuzaburo Shikiba: Mirrors of Cerebral Ventricles (tentative)

While employed as a physician and managing a hospital, the psychiatrist Ryuzaburo Shikiba (1898-1965) studied and popularized the work of a number of artists in Japan, including that of Vincent van Gogh. Shikiba exerted a tremendous influence on the culture through an extremely enlightened and diverse range of activities. These included his involvement in Muneyoshi Yanagi’s research on the sculptor Mokujiki and the Mingei movement; his introduction of Nishoutei, a strange building that once stood in the Fukagawa district of Tokyo; and his pioneering advocacy of outsider art. In this exhibition, we took an all-encompassing look at Shikiba’s endeavors by examining artworks from his collection other documents.

Ryuzaburo Shikiba with Nishoutei from Nishoutei-kitan, Shoshinsha, 1939