Open ProgramSummer Open Lab Hana Sawada: A 360-degree Detour

Summer Open Lab is a series of projects that treats the museum as a site for experimentation and aims to introduce diverse creative activities in various ways. The latest project features the artist Hana Sawada. Thus far, Sawada has focused on phenomena such as the misreading and misunderstanding of words and images, and taken these as a point of departure for works that show how possibilities for interpretation expand to infinity.
When you are in public, for example on the train or at a coffee shop, how do you react to the voices of strangers that happen to be in the same place? Of course, there are many ways of blocking out sounds and voices you do not need or want to hear. However, Sawada’s practice is to pick out from people’s audible speech and conversations only those which she can (at least from her subjective standpoint) clearly make out, and mechanically write them down without thinking, thereby driving them from her mental space and attaining a Zen-like state of no-mindedness. After this series of processes is complete, much information has been lost along the way, and she is left with notes full of out-of-context phrases that seem to drift aimlessly in space. After amassing many such jottings, she is faced with the question of what meaning they can possibly contain. She has taken the questions that emerge every time she reads through some notes as the starting point for new work. This work will surely offer many opportunities to enjoy the scenery along the way, during intentional detours around interpretations of phrases cut off from their original context.
The artist will also endeavor, at various locations throughout the city, to share with viewers part of the process she used to complete the work. Is it possible to conduct a workshop effectively in the era of COVID-19? Will this endeavor bear fruit, and can meaning and enjoyment be derived from this practice, which may appear on the surface to be pointless? Please join us to find out.

(Is a) Workshop (Possible)? “Tumultuous Detours of the Mind”

Participants venture into the city streets with the goal of emptying their minds and opening their ears to the voices and conversations of people in the vicinity. This is a workshop for the COVID-19 era, in which people share the same space and time and carry out the same task, but individually and silently.

(1) August 1 (Sat) 14:00-16:30: Hiroshima Station

Gathering Point: Hiroshima Station south exit underground plaza

(2) September 12 (Sat): Kinzagai shopping street

Gathering Point: Kinzagai shopping street

(3) October 17 (Sat): Indoors

Gathering Point: Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

*No reservation needed
*The event dates and procedures may be changed depending on the current status of the spread of COVID-19.

– Please wear your mask.
– Please cooperate with the temperature check.
– Please refrain from attending the workshop if you have cold-like symptoms.
– The disinfectant spray is available at the workshop venue.

“Alone at anywhere and anytime”

Those who cannot participate in the on-site workshops above can still try the workshop alone at anywhere and anytime. Please check the link for more details. Sweet “detour memo” will be introduced in the exhibition.

How to join the workshop “Tumultuous Detours of the Mind”