What a Wonderful World: Visions in contemporary Asian art of our world today

Jun Yang

Photo: Michael Mishima

Born in China in 1975

Born in Zhènjiāng, and raised in Vienna, Yang's self-exploration is an important aspect of his video works. In recent years, after creating a second base of operations in Taipei, he has focused on the relationship between his original homeland of China and Taiwan, and problems related to politics and authority.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2010 A Short-Story on Forgetting and Remembering, ShugoArts, Tokyo, Japan
2008 Paris Syndrome Public Space, CIGE Art Fair Beijing, Beijing, China
2007Galerie Martin Janda, Wien, Austria
2006Galerie Ilka Bree, Bordeaux, France

Revolutions, Installation at the 6th Digital Art Festival Taipei 2011 Augmenting the world.
Courtesy of the artist

Phantom Island, 2009
Courtesy of ShugoArts, Tokyo; Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou and Gallery Martin Janda, Vienna