Video Art Program[The 68th Program] Viktor Brim

Monoscape, 2017 color,sound, 16min.41sec.
Objects and Artifacts, 2019 color,sound, 16min.05sec.

Monoscape was shot at a port facility in northern Cologne, Germany. Images of a gantry crane loading and unloading containers recur many times, always as isolated segments of the overall structure. Carefully designing each frame of the film, Brim portrays a thoroughly internationally standardized logistical system with no hint of local character. Meanwhile, in Objects and Artifacts, shot in Murmansk, a port city above the Arctic Circle in Russia, the harsh natural environment is interwoven with human-made structures to create a sublime and boundless landscape. Amid these vistas, tiny human figures occasionally appear. At the end, the Alyosha Memorial to the Defenders of the Soviet Arctic During the Great Patriotic War towers on a hill, with people standing in front of the monument over 40 meters in height. People dwarfed by a colossal statue erected by the state, and living in the midst of mechanized structures that imply the entirety of the industrial system: when we see these people engulfed by powerful systems, which mere individuals are powerless to resist, we may be seeing a portrait of ourselves.

Viktor Brim:
Born in Taschkent, Usbekistan in 1987, lives in Cologne, Germany. He majored in Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (HGB), graduating in 2011. He earned a BA (Feature Film and Television Feature) at Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf in 2015 and completed the postgraduate program at Academy of Media Arts Cologne in 2018. Major screenings and exhibitions of his work include the 21st Japan Media Arts Festival organized by the Agency of Cultural Affairs (Tokyo, 2018), European Film Festival dokumentART (Neubrandenburg, Germany, 2019), and Possessed Landscapes at Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art (Oldenburg, Germany, 2020).