Video Art Program[The 66th Program] Tabita Rezaire

Premium Connect, 2017 color, sound, 13min.04sec.

By analyzing the political nature of technology, Tabita Rezaire uses video as an interface to provide the viewer with “decolonial healing.” In addition to raising questions about Western authority, Rezaire’s work attempts to liberate people from technology and create links between our bodies through spiritualism.
Rezaire made Premium Connect, based on a thorough investigation, in the belief that adapting knowledge and sharing it with the viewer can lead to a healing experience. At the center of the work is the idea that code, representing an oracle associated with Yoruba divination system, serves as the binary model for computer circuits. It also incorporates elements such as the theory that information is shared between plants by means of an underground network and scenes from The Matrix.
To Rezaire, knowledge is clearly power – a tool of liberation that can be used to surmount colonial history and narratives by creating other more extensive and multifaceted narratives.

Tabita Rezaire:
Tabita Rezaire was born in Paris in 1989, based in Cayenne, French Guyana. She holds a Bachelor in Economics (FR) and a Master of Research in Artist Moving Image from Central Saint Martins College (UK). Known as the flag bearer of post-cyberfeminism and Afrofuturism. Solo exhibitions include Riding Infinity(2018)at PSM Gallery (Berlin, Germany), Deep Down Tidal(2018)at Interstitial Gallery (Seattle, USA) and group exhibitions include Guangzhou Triennial 2018 in China, and Athens Biennale 2018 in Greece.