Video Art Program[The 65th Program] Gianluca Abbate

Panorama, 2014 color,sound, 7min.00sec.

Over the years, people have devised various means of capturing a panoramic view of the world including paintings and photographs. Although this work, a hodgepodge of computer graphics and a flood of Internet images, employs the latest digital technology, the video has an incongruous patchwork-like feel, somehow exuding the atmosphere of an old-fashioned panorama.
We see towering buildings, mountains of garbage, escalators, trains, and crowds of people in motion. Abbate’s overcrowded panorama evolves from a European urban area to a city of skyscrapers packed with high rises. Sandwiched between them are scenes of third-world metropolises that have turned into slums due to the excessive population influx, and gradually, we arrive at a world of the future that is equally saturated with people, buildings, and plants.

Gianluca Abbate:
Born in Salerno in 1980, based in Rome. Graduate Degree in Film Editing at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Experimental film centre or Italian National film school) in Rome in 2005. He takes part in various exhibitions and film festivals, such as Fuorinorma at Museunm of Contemporary Art of Roma (2018), Transitions from Public to PostFuture at Torrance Art Museun (2018), 57th Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA (2019).