Video Art Program[The 62nd Program] Ayako Yoshimura

Places-a city, 2006/2014 color, sound, 15min.11sec./ looped

In this work, Yoshimura combines photos taken in 12 cities, including Tokyo, Shanghai, and New York to create an imaginary urban landscape. All we see are architectural structures and natural scenery, and there are no cars or trains running through it, nor any human or animal life in evidence. Without the activity of living creatures, the silent city resembles a ruin. 18th-century painters found a sublime beauty in ancient buildings and ruins, and incorporated these subjects into their paintings to produce idealized fantastic landscapes. In contrast, the city Yoshimura creates could hardly be called ideal, and with regional character and human activity eliminated, it raises contemporary issues like the homogenization of our landscape and the bland, inorganic quality of cities today.

Ayako Yoshimura:
From Kanagawa Prefecture, lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Earned a BA from College of Arts, Rikkyo University and studied in the B-semi schooling system. MFA from Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam). Major solo exhibitions include One place-home (2002) at Kojimachi Gallery (Tokyo), and Variations on a Theme-Nature (2013) at Punt WG (Amsterdam, NL), and group exhibitions include Open the New page! (2017) at 3331 Arts Chiyoda (Tokyo).