Video Art Program[The 54th Program] Gabrielle Le Bayon

Tender Pastures, 2014, HD video, color, sound, 6min.05sec.

The title of this work, Tender Pastures, is a quotation from the novel Molloy by the Irish-born playwright and novelist Samuel Beckett.

A lone man stands in a flat, featureless landscape, and we hear his voice speaking and a strange, soft continuous sound. Nothing dramatic occurs over the video’s six minutes, with the exception of the screen going dark and words in French appearing three times. However, Le Bayon drives a variety of wedges into the integrity of the video’s story, generating many minuscule cracks. We become aware that the consistency of video and narrative is shattered the first time the screen goes dark, making us sit up, take notice and watch more closely. It is the moment when as Molloy says, in Le Bayon’s quotation from the novel, we see “with other eyes, and not only that but the within, all that inner space one never sees, the brain and heart and other caverns where thought and feeling dance their sabbath, all that too quite differently disposed.” It signifies the unfolding possibility of glimpsing something, folded up and hidden, on the other side of this vast, empty plain, in the depths of the mundane and uneventful everyday.

Gabrielle Le Bayon:
Gabrielle Le Bayon was born in Paris in 1981. Le Bayon is a French filmmaker, whose films, writings and photographs are centred upon the relationships between political identity, mythology, and landscape as History. She graduated with a BA in Film and Video from the London College of Communication (2005) and with a MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art (2012). Le Bayon has shown her work at places such as W139, Amsterdam; Oberhausen Film Festival seminar; ICA, London; MACBA, Buenos Aires; AiPO, New York; Jeune Création, Centquatre, Paris; Sheffield Fringe, Sheffield. Residencies include: Box, ENSA Bourges FR (forthcoming), School of Visual Arts, New York US, Villa Arson, Nice FR, Astérides, Marseille FR, Homesession, Barcelona ES.