Video Art Program[The 44th Program] Alex Monteith

2.5 Kilometre Mono Action for a Mirage, 2012, color, sound, 3 min. 29 sec. 

The beach, known as a leading surfing spot, is located in the suburbs of Auckland on New Zealand’s North Island. On this sandy shore, shimmering like a mirage, Alex Monteith shot a motorcycle pulling a 2.5-kilometer wheelie in a single take. New Zealand is a haven for outdoor sports, and in addition to surfing, Monteith pilots helicopters and airplanes, and while reading the waves, weather conditions, and topography, she documents these acrobatic acts of geographical exploration and performances. Just as human history is made up of challenging quests and risks, Monteith’s works can be seen as small adventures that unfold through a minute interpretation of a given topography and weather conditions.

Alex Monteith:
Born in Belfast, Ireland in 1977. Moved to New Zealand with her family when she was ten. Studied photography, intermedia, and time-based art at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, and completed a doctorate there. While teaching at the school, she takes part in various domestic and international exhibitions and film festivals, presenting videos and installations based on surfing, motor sports, helicopters, and stunt-flying performances.