Video Art Program[The 43rd Program] Hafiz Rancajale

Alam: Syuhada, , 2005, color, sound, 9 min. 

Alam: Syuhada is a film based on the director’s conversation with a young man worked in his office, Ruang Rupa, whose name Alam. Interestingly, Hafiz puts Alam and the Jakarta urban reality in very complex situation. Alam went to Jakarta went he was young and worked in many different jobs, to help his family. He is an integral part of reality of Jakarta, where people have to survive in difficult condition—no social health system, no public facility, labors earn so little while the gap of the rich and the poor are noticeable.
The story gives a bit of surprise when Alam told to camera on how he wants to start building his dreams: to make parents happy, to become member of the National Military, and even, to go ‘jihad’ (struggle of Islamic missionaries). As in Indonesia, the biggest Moslem country in the world, Alam’s dream represents how the poverty has been the basic condition on how people wants to escape from their realities using the dreams offered by their religion.

Guest curator: Alia Swastika (Independent Curator)

Hafiz Rancajale:
Hafiz Rancajale was born in 1971 in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. He is a video artist, documentary filmmaker and curator. A graduate of fine art at the Jakarta Institut of Arts, he is the co-founder of Forum Lenteng (2003) and ruangrupa (2000). His artwork has been shown at Gwangju Biennale (Korea 2002); Istanbul Biennial (Turkey 2005), and his films have been selected by many International Film Festival.