Video Art Program[The 29th Program] Khaled Hafez

11.02-2011: The Video Diaries, 2011, color, single-channel (original: three-channel) video, sound, 6 min. 19 sec.

On Feburary 11, 2011, the news of former president Mubarak’s downfall in Egypt shook the entire world. However, this revolution was covered in detail from earlier on by video-sharing websites and other online media. These videos captured the voices of countless citizens standing up against terror, as well as images of those who were victimized. The same could be said of artists. In this work, such video footage from various sources are combined in order to reconstruct the revolution as a ‘diary’ of sorts, or imagery from a personal perspective that is not portrayed in journalistic media.

Khaled Hafez:
Khaled Hafez was born 1963 in Cairo, lives and works in Cairo. Creates paintings and video works that carry political messages by depicting Egyptian popular culture and the image of Egyptians as seen from Western society. Hafez has participated in many international exhibitions, including Manifesta 8 (2010). Awarded by the Fondation Blachère at the 9th Bamako Encounters African Photography Biennial (2011).