Open ProgramPhillip King and Anthony Caro

Phillip King (b. 1934) was born in Tunisia and remains active as a sculptor based in the U.K. King’s brilliantly colored works, which made use of new materials such as plastic and fiberglass, first garnered attention as part of a new movement of British art in the early 1960s.

Anthony Caro (1924-2013) was King’s teacher at St. Martin’s School of Art and also served as an important mentor to him and many other young British sculptors. Caro preceded King in creating abstract sculptures assembled out of colored scrap iron, leading the way for a new generation of sculptors in the U.K.

Along with King’s Monument for Hiroshima (1987-88), which was commissioned by the museum, and Caro’s Water Street Starter (1980), this exhibition places special emphasis on King’s work of the 1980s. As King’s Head (1982-83), an outdoor sculpture on permanent exhibition at the museum, is related to the theme of Like a Face, a special display in the current collection exhibition, it promises to provide viewers with further insight into the artist’s style during this period.

Phillip King
Monument for Hiroshima, 1987-88

Anthony Caro
Water Street Starter, 1980