Collection Exhibition2019-1 Collection Highlights & Special Feature: An Inner LandscapeⅠ―Landscapes and Memories

The exhibition consists of two sections: “Collection Highlights,” and a special feature titled “An Inner Landscape I: Landscapes and Memories.”

Selected from the over 1,600 items housed in the museum, “Collection Highlights” introduces important works that are representative of the collection or display another distinctive feature. In this edition, we focus on English artists, in particular those whose work is related to nature. Meanwhile, in “An Inner Landscape I: Landscape and Memories,” we examine the depiction of landscapes in contemporary art – or be more precise, the way in which artists have captured and expressed landscapes that have been transformed by environmental changes. The exhibit includes a rich variety of works, including paintings depicting the pre-World War II landscape of Hiroshima, the world after the atomic bomb was dropped on the city, and photographs document that changes in the scenery.


●Collection Highlights

Dennis Oppenheim Richard Long Roger Ackling
David Nash Shigeo Toya Masayuki Kai

●Special Feature: An Inner LandscapeⅠ―Landscapes and Memories

Sho Yamaji Takeo Yamaguchi Tadashi Kaminagai
Masao Haitani Yukio Tsuchiya Tetsuro Komai
Kiyoshi Hasegawa Yozo Hamaguchi Hotaka Yoshida
Kakuzo Inoue Osamu Tsukasa Eiichiro Matsumoto
Oscar Oiwa Adrian Berg Masamichi Yamamoto
Makoto Aida Yozo Hamaguchi Masuo Ikeda
Tatsuo Ikeda Miran Fukuda CHRISTO
On Kawara Hitoshi Nomura Tsuyoshi Ozawa
Ryuji Miyamoto Hiromi Tsuchida Motoyuki Shitamichi
Taiji Matsue Tomoko Yoneda

Shigeo Toya, Animal Track Ⅰ, 1989

Sho Yamaji, Hiroshima Scenery, 1938

Kakuzo Inoue, The Earth Was Over, 1956

Motoyuki Shitamichi, From Remnants, farmer's shed, 2001-2005/2012