Collection Exhibition2017-2 Collection Highlights & Special Feature: Forms of Light / Scenes of Light

This exhibition is made up of two parts: a special display titled Shapes of Light / Scenes of Light, and “Collection Highlights,” a selection of outstanding works from the collection.

The former examines artistic expressions related to light from three perspectives. The first part, Shapes of Light, deals with various types of light including the sun, moon, rainbows, and electric lights. Here, we examine the way in which light –sometimes clustered, other times emitted – is expressed in contemporary art. In the second part, Scenes of Light, we look at scenes or scenery containing an expanse of lights. Though brilliant or limitless light can have a healing effect on us, it also conveys the presence of a dark shadow. This is borne out by the kanji character 景, which can be read “kage” (shadow), suggesting both the meaning of light and shadow. In Hiroshima, we are especially reminded of the indelible shadows that were burnt into the city by the heat rays emitted by the atomic bomb. This brings us to the last focus: “shadow=light.” Here, we present works (including some that were commissioned by the museum) from the collection that are related to the theme of “Hiroshima,” in an effort to evoke thoughts of hope and regeneration rather than despair.
It is our hope that by experiencing both the profundity of art that deals with a given theme and savoring the individual characteristics of each artist and work, you will develop a greater familiarity with the collection and a deeper understanding of art acquisition.


●Special Feature: Forms of Light / Scenes of Light

AY-O Miran Fukuda Koshiro Onchi
Tetsuro Komai Masuo Ikeda Hideo Yoshihara
Masunobu Yoshimura Yuki Onodera Eikoh Hosoe
Arnaldo Pomodoro Oscar Oiwa Takanobu Kobayashi
Keiji Usami Hiroshi Sugimoto Tomoko Yoneda
Mitsuo Kano Miyako Ishiuchi Tatsuo Kawaguchi
Masao Okabe Kyubei Kiyomizu Kaoru Ueda
Mokuma Kikuhata Kazumi Nakamura Eiichiro Matsumoto
Jiro Takamatsu Tomoharu Murakami Yukinori Yanagi
Kenzo Tange Masato Otaka

●Collection Highlights

Magdalena Abakanowicz Yves Klein CHRISTO
Marcel Duchamp Horst Antes Kurt Schwitters
David Nash Alberto Giacometti Christian Boltanski
Jean Arp Claude Viallat

Yuki Onodera, How to make a Pearl No.20, 2000


Claude Viallat, Untitled, 1979-80

Takanobu Kobayashi, Gate, 1997-98