Collection Exhibition2016-2 Collection Highlights & Special Feature: Contemporary Art of “Hirohima”

This exhibition is made up of two parts: “Collection Highlights” and a special display called “Contemporary Art of ‘Hiroshima’”.

In the first half, we present a selection of works from the collection to illustrate various trends in contemporary art and a diverse range of artistic expressions. In the second half, we examine the theme of the destruction wrought by the atomic bomb, and how it affected history and contemporary society, as seen through contemporary art. These are particularly important concerns for a museum based in Hiroshima, a city that was attacked with an atomic bomb. In discussing Hiroshima, the city’s name is sometimes given in quotes to emphasize the fact that it was the site of the bombing. This approach is also widely used in connection to the anti-war and anti-nuclear arms movement and the desire to achieve permanent world peace – an issue that concerns the entire human race. This special exhibit centers on works by artists who were commissioned by the museum to create pieces based on the theme of “Hiroshima.”


●Collection Highlights

Henry Moore Horst Antes Alberto Giacometti
Willem de Kooning Yves Klein Sam Francis
Jim Dine Chuck Close Robert Rauschenberg
Jasper Johns Genpei Akasegawa Hiroshi Sugimoto
On Kawara Bukichi Inoue Tadashi Kawamata
Yasumasa Morimura Yoshitomo Nara and more…

●Special Display: Contemporary Art of “Hiroshima”

Henry Moore Katsumi Honda Günther Uecker
Shin Miyazaki Keiji Usami Seishi Ozaku
Kojin Toneyama Hisashi Akutagawa Oscar Oiwa
Kakuzo Inoue Tadashi Tonoshiki Jiro Takamatsu
Yayoi Kusama Takako Araki Tomoharu Murakami
Masao Okabe Miyako Ishiuchi