[ Open Program ]

This richly diverse program includes an open lab, introducing various approaches to a wide array of expressive forms, and an exhibition, held in the museum’s public space.


Open ProgramSummer Open Lab: Tiles, Small Shrine and Tourism season6

In 2014, Ken Tanimoto (b. 1973) and Yuta Nakamura (b. 1983) launched an ongoing project called Tiles, Small Shrine and Tourism, in which they examine roadside shrines and indigenous beliefs, and shed light on ecology from the perspective of tourism. Based on studies of local history and things, Tanimoto and Nakamura’s works are tinged with a unique sense of humor. In this exhibition, they present the results of their research in Hiroshima.

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Open ProgramOpen Call for Art Project Ideas 2019

Open Call for Art Project Ideas is an open program in which artists are invited to show their work in a free public space at the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (Hiroshima MOCA). The program accepts proposals from both Japan – and foreign-based artists that are designed for a space outside the galleries in the museum (designed by Kisho Kurokawa) and that make the most of the space’s special characteristics. An important point in judging the works will be how well the space and work draw out each other’s attractive qualities. Any type of work is acceptable – painting, sculpture, installation, performance, etc. Winning works, selected by a panel of judges, will be shown in an exhibition in November 2019. For details, please visit the official competition website (only in Japanese).

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