[ Open Program ]

This richly diverse program includes an open lab, introducing various approaches to a wide array of expressive forms, and an exhibition, held in the museum’s public space.


Phillip King
Monument for Hiroshima, 1987-88

Open ProgramPhillip King and Anthony Caro

Along with King’s Monument for Hiroshima (1987-88), which was commissioned by the museum, and Caro’s Water Street Starter (1980), this exhibition places special emphasis on King’s work of the 1980s. As King’s Head (1982-83), an outdoor sculpture on permanent exhibition at the museum, is related to the theme of Like a Face, a special display in the current collection exhibition, it promises to provide viewers with further insight into the artist’s style during this period.

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Open ProgramOpen Call for Design Ideas of “Hiroshima Brand” 2018

The museum’s 2018 Hiroshima Brand competition is an open program in which the public is invited to submit Hiroshima-related design proposals – the best works will be shown in an exhibition. The competition focuses on ideas for new Hiroshima brands that deal with local specialties, natural features, and culture from the perspective of design. Along with an outstanding idea, proposals should include a plan to effectively convey the allure of the design in a display. Winning works, selected by a panel of judges, will be shown in an exhibition in February 2019. For details, please visit the official competition website (only in Japanese).


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