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Simon Starling - Project for a Masquerade (Hiroshima)

Simon Starling - Project for a Masquerade (Hiroshima)

Saturday Jan 22 - Sunday Apr 10, 2011

Simon Starling: Project for a Masquerade (Hiroshima) will be the first exhibition in Japan to present a range of major and new works by the British artist, Simon Starling.

Starling's artistic practice investigates the passage of time and processes latent in objects. Embodying the rigorous approach to research of an academic, the exploratory practices of an adventurer, and the rich imaginative sensibilities of an insightful artist, Starling’s works break new ground in artistic expression. The artist's methods of production involve extraordinary endeavours, and rising to the challenge, he immerses himself fully in the journey, on occasion literally travelling great distances by such means as canoe, bicycle and automobile.

Exposing the historical depth of place-specific events in the process, he charts ways in which the global trends of our times create overlaps in different societies, seen through the complex relationships between phenomena, people, and time periods evident in his works. The rich and varied world found in the explorations of Simon Starling adds an important perspective to the continuing focus on process-driven art as a representative form of contemporary expression.

This exhibition includes a display of new works created as an extension of the artist’s research project on the theme of Hiroshima. The works are based on Starling's research on Henry Moore (1898-1986), inspired by his sculpture Atom Piece owned by Hiroshima MOCA. Creating their masks, Starling sheds light on people related with Moore, fusing them with characters from the Noh play ‘Eboshi-ori’. The works also address topics such as the Cold War structure and cross currents in socio-political and cultural history linked to the Moore sculpture and Hiroshima, exploring the international ties and narratives connecting these areas.

About the Artist

Born in 1967 in Epsom, England, Simon Starling currently resides in Copenhagen, Denmark. A graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, he has been exhibiting internationally since the mid-1990s. Among his many solo and group exhibitions, Starling participated in the Venice Biennale in 2003 and the Gwangju Biennale in 2006. He was shortlisted for the Guggenheim Museum's Hugo Boss Prize for contemporary art in 2004, and was recipient of the prestigious Turner Prize for his outstanding achievements in contemporary art practice in 2005.
He also curates and is currently preparing an exhibition entitled Never The Same River (Possible Futures, Probable Pasts)' at Camden Arts Center, London.

Autoxylopyrocycloboros 2006
Courtesy of the artist and Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York.
Photo: Ruth Clark

Project for a Masquerade (Hiroshima) 2010
View of the work in production
Photo: Simon Starling

Simon Starling
(Second left)

Duration Saturday Jan 22 - Sunday Apr 10, 2011
Opening hours 10:00-17:00(Last admission 16:30)
*10:00-19:00 on Mar 26 - Apr 5(except Mar 28, Apr 4)
Closed Monday (except Mar 21)
Mar 22, 2011
Admission charges Adults 1,000 (800) yen
College Students 700 (600) yen
High School Students 500 (400) yen
*Figures in brackets ( ) are the charges for advance-purchase and groups of 30 or more persons.
Organizers The Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, The Chugoku Shimbun
With a grant from The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, The Great Britian Sasakawa Foundation
Sanctioned by Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima Municipal Board of Education, Hiroshima FM Broad Casting., Ltd., Onomichi FM Broad Casting co., Ltd.

Interpretation of Starling' works by himself
Simon Starling - Artist Talk

Date: Saturday Jan 22, 14:00–
Venue: Exhibition Gallery A
*Admission free with the same-day ticket to the exhibition.
*No booking necessary.

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